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Internationally credited as one of the world’s top sports, fitness, and nutritional marketing experts, Tom Latham is the creative powerhouse behind many notable fitness brands.


Known as “the guy behind the guy”…

Tom has over 25 years experience working with some of the leading internet and fitness marketers, and currently provides creative and marketing support to a wide range of clients…

…from top fitness celebrities, professional sports teams, nutrition expos, fitness products and world record holders.

Notable Clients
Bedros Keullian – Fit Body Boot Camp, Russell Brunson – Click Funnels, Kathy Smart – Live the Smart Way, Stig Severinsen at Kajabi Headquarters


Stig Åvall Severinsen

Aalborg, Denmark
World Record Freediver

Abel James

Dallas, Texas
The Fat Burning Man

Kathy Smart

Ottawa, Canada
North America’s Gluten Free Expert

Mitzi Dulan

Kansas City, Missouri
America’s Nutrition Expert

Todd Durkin

San Diego, California
Celebrity Trainer

Peta Kelly

Perth, Australia
Isagenix Leader • Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Chris Mohr

Louisville, Kentucky
Nutrition Expert

Dr. Randall Wilkinson

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Ideal Protein Spokesperson

Roger Love

Los Angeles, California
The #1 Vocal Coach in America

Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Los Angeles, California
Fitness Entrepreneur • Author • Speaker

Kelli Calabrese

Dallas, Texas
Fitness, nutrition and lifestyle expert

John Maxwell

Atlanta, Georgia
Bestselling Author • Lifestyle Coach


The TommyX Difference

Marketer Turned Athlete… Not the Other Way Around

Fitness marketing “experts” are typically athletes or trainers who have achieved a high level of success with their business. The natural next step for them is to progress into the model of teaching the marketing methods they have used to others in the industry.

This model is flawed due to the fact that the very methods that fueled their business success often fail when replicated for others. Why? It’s a round peg, square hole problem. A strategy that works when operating in one vertical market or limited demographic area does not automatically translate into success in another.

Operating the other way around, Tom is first and foremost a creative marketing strategist, and an athlete second.

Tom is able to offer an exponentially larger array of solutions to his clients, by bringing in his extensive creative and marketing knowledge gained from working with hundreds of clients across all areas of the industry, as well as from speaking and teaching at fitness industry events.

And he walks the walk - as a High School Coach, Ultra/Marathon Runner, National Ski Patroller, and tamer of 9 wild children.

By the Numbers:

25 Years experience working with the top Internet Marketers in the world

14 National Creative & Marketing Awards

5 Years training boot camp franchise owners through workshops and speaking at fitness conferences

3 National Fitness Franchises consulted and branded

#1 New York Times Bestselling Authors as clients


Specializing in brand direction and revenue enhancement through membership and continuity programs.

“I create and maximize brands by getting people to engage and interact. That means I love to build killer creative and stunning strategy, then fuse these into digital media that moves the needle and gets results. And I especially like to do this for you on budget, with a smile and without an army of account people or excess overhead to complicate your message. This is what I love to do. So relax – I’ve got this.” – Tom


Creative Branding and Direction

Fitness Celebrity Branding
Marketing Strategy

Funnel Marketing

Landing Pages
Direct Response Copywriting
Opt-In & Lead Generation
InfusionSoft Integration

Offline » Online Hybrid Strategies

Membership Sites and Continuity Programs
Page Optimization and Site Usability
Social Media Marketing

Nutritional Product Positioning

Sports Brands
Online Product Launches

TommyX Fitness Playbook

Reworking for a new experience in Spring 2017.

Continuity Strategies (vs one time) 15:29

Clubs vs Membership vs Subscription vs Service  //  One time: ebook vs multimedia content. Then watch some drone footage of downhill riding on Signal Point in Idaho.

Squeeze Page Psychology – The 3 Step Formula 23:20

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route. What I have for you, What it will do for you, What I want you to do next.

Lead Capture Strategy  6:45

You got them – now what? Timing of emails, Timing based on B2B / B2C, Timing based on product and price, Timing based on warmth of prospect // Tone of messaging based on desired next steps you want them to take // Conversion // Prospecting

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